In Loving Memory Wooden Hearts

Hi!  My name is Tanaria Carey and I have just created my “In Loving Memory Hearts” Collection.  After my Mom passed away in 2013, the first thing I made for myself was a wooden “In Loving Memory” heart of her.  I wasn’t very good at creating laser-engraved photographs, but I kept trying to learn.  I was helped by a very sweet person from Romania who look the time to teach me how to make beautiful laser engraved photographs.  I actually cried when I was able to make such a special loving keepsake of my Mom that I had always wanted.  I can’t explain the feeling this heart gives me, but I will tell you that somehow it comforts me.  I miss my Mom terribly.  She was my best friend… so all I have left of her are all the wonderful memories and this wooden heart that I treasure so dearly.  <3  Unfortunately,  a friend of mine’s son died a couple weeks ago and I decided to make him a heart like the one I had made of my mom.  He shared it on facebook and now I get a ton of requests for these special “In Loving Memory” wooden hearts.   If it will help comfort your heart, like mine did, I am willing to make this gift for you.  (Although I will be honest and tell you that I do shed tears while making these)  and I can only pray for you and the others that have lost the ones they love, and with hope, help comfort your heart with these “In Loving Memory” Hearts.

From my heart to yours,

<3 Tanaria